Foss Therapy Services, Inc.
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Foss Therapy Services, Inc. was founded in 1991 to perform Radiation Therapy Equipment service.  We now provide service on Cobalt teletherapy and isotope irradiators.   FTS also provides rebuilt teletherapy systems and research / blood irradiators.  We are licensed for service, sales, installation/source transfers of Cobalt 60 teletherapy units as well as reloads, decommissioning and disposal.  Foss Therapy Services has developed the procedures and tooling necessary to perform field reloads of Nordion GammaCell 220, JL Shepherd & Associates Model 109, and other irradiators.  Additionally, we provide installation, service, and sales of simulators, orthovoltage and superficial x-ray units.  FTS can also assist in decommissioning/disposal of Cesium Brachytherapy sources, linear accelerators, and other radiation sources and units.  Our combined experience includes work completed on 5 continents and over 60 years in the industry...

FTS Model 812 s/n 001



1.  Annual Preventative Maintenance / Emergency Service

2.  Blood Irradiator Dose Map (US NIST traceable)

3.  Device Calibration (US NIST traceable)

4.  Source Reloads / Transfers Cobalt 60 & Cesium 137

5.  GammaCell 220 Source Reloading / Unloading

6.  Source and Device Installation (Coballt 60 & Cesium 137)

7.  Source and Device Decommissioning (Cobalt 60 & Cesium 137)

8.  System & Irradiator Relocations - Domestic & International

9.  Teletherapy Systems - 5 Year Inspections

10.  Superficial & Orthovoltage X-Ray Units Sales, Service, and Parts

11.  Spare / Upgraded Parts

12.  Special Projects Including  Motorized Track Systems and Custom Engineered Systems

13.  Irradiator Dose Tracker Program